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Denial full, Denial watch full movie, Denial watch free online, Denial watch online, Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.

Denial was filmed in , and released in year.
The IMDb Rating is 6.7. Do like the movie? Make a comment and ratting it.

What stars have appeared in the movie "Denial"?
The movie is directed by and the actors are , , , , .

How long is the Denial movie ?
The movie runs for 109 minutes.

What are the genres of the movie "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish"?
Film is in the genres of DramaHistory. You can watch more movies online for free in section MOVIES.

Where can I watch the trailer for the movie?
You can watch the trailer for the movie at the following link on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfyw7Uz8_2A.


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**A courtroom drama about who’s right and who’s wrong!**

There are many factors to consider, especially for a film like this. Yep, the film was based on the real courtroom event. The film is about two people to prove they’re right on their book about the war crimes whether that took place or not. So all the episodes take place in a British high court with mention of Auschwitz concentration camp, particularly about its ruins than the events that happened in there. That means it’s a great drama to learn about how these two fought in a lawsuit face-off, but there’s nothing about the real event just like the film ‘The Eichmann Show’. If you are not a Jew or a neo nazi or not even a European and North American, then this is an okayish film from the entertainment aspect, other than learning truth and history.

I really expected some real events, but we have already seen in many films about Auschwitz camp. So they kept this film as a modern day court trial than mixing up with those old crime. Great acting by all. Timothy Spall nailed it in his negative role. He was just a fine supporting actor, till I started to recognise him since his genius display in a biopic, ‘Mr. Turner’. This is his one of the top performances. He could play Don Trump in his biopic, beside Rob Redford who’s a bit old for that. Rachel Weisz was okay. Her role was not strong enough, despite she’s in the main character. Because everyone around her took the honour to rise above hers. Be it Tom Wilkinson, who was surprisingly awesome.

So in my perspective the film was good, but not great. The courtroom events lacked strong hold with what a film needs and what the viewers wants with twists and turns in the argument. But I’m very happy being honest than modifying its story to make film commercial worthy. Though the film had some its own moments, in the end it was not enough. Particularly how it concludes and to think why this trial even took place makes no sense at all. Seems more a joke than anything serious, just because of someone being crazily challenging and the other one responding to it. Anyway, it’s still largely a sensitive matter and my view is just as an outsider. But the film is worth a watch, if you are not expecting a bigger picture after reading its synopsis.