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The Cable Guy

The Cable Guy free, The Cable Guy full, The Cable Guy hd, The Cable Guy online, When recently single Steven moves into his new apartment, cable guy Chip comes to hook him up—and doesn’t let go. Initially, Chip is just overzealous in his desire to be Steven’s pal, but when Steven tries to end the ‘friendship’, Chip shows his dark side. He begins stalking Steven, who’s left to fend for himself because no one else can believe Chip’s capable of such behaviour.

The Cable Guy was filmed in and released in year.
The IMDb Rating is 6.1. Do like the movie? Make a comment and ratting it.

What stars have appeared in the movie "The Cable Guy"?
The movie is directed by and the actors are , , , , .

How long is the The Cable Guy movie ?
The movie runs for 96 minutes.

What are the genres of the movie "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish"?
Film is in the genres of ComedyDramaThriller. You can watch more movies online for free in section MOVIES.

Where can I watch the trailer for the movie?
You can watch the trailer for the movie at the following link on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVtvBoELA-g.


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at 7:07 pm

Dark slice of comedy pie from Carrey & Stiller.

As with everything in life, the internet also has its good and bad angles. Here with The Cable Guy, I myself salute the internet highway and in particular the many users of IMDb who have come forth to support this most divisive of movies. Lambasted on release by regarded critics and chided by many a cinema goer who went in expecting Mask & Ace Ventura like fluff, The Cable Guy was thought to be the death knell for Carrey’s career. It wasn’t of course. He would revert to pleasing box office friendly type the following year with “Liar Liar”, and would continue to surprise with his choice of roles, and the performances with them, in the likes of “The Truman Show”, “Man On The Moon” & “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”. As a point of reference with his career overview, The Cable Guy stands up as a bold choice by Carrey, and one that serves notice of his willingness, and ability, to take on more challenging roles.

The film itself is a mixture of high Carrey comedy mixed with dark, almost horror undertones. The thematics of loneliness and the need for companionship makes for an odd bedfellow with the berserker antics of Carrey as he plays off of Matthew Broderick’s ordinary Joe. Yet director Ben Stiller, the cop out finale aside, has achieved the cheeky fusion with much success. Utilising Carrey’s energy as both a force of comic nature, and a bubbling under the surface desperado loony tune. Along the way, well before it goes real dark and gets edgy, we are treated to some delightful comedy moments. A Karaoke sequence and dinner at Medieval Times stand out, but the knowing jokes referencing movies and the TV infatuated world are also unheralded, and astute stabs of fun. Far from perfect it be, but it’s a film that was badly timed, or even, misunderstood by the scribes of the time. Thank the lord for the internet for we can now find those prepared to admit they like much about The Cable Guy. Yes, I be one of those hardy souls too. 7/10